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News in Brief

- Naming the History Centre
Guz Box and Mammoth are currently the names proposed as an alternative to The History Centre. Following a presentation by the project's branding company Dewynters to the Heritage Consortium (a public group which acts as a sounding board for the project's proposals) it was decided to add another two names (yet to be decided but probably one an acronym like MAP and another along the lines of The Whitworth, Ashmolean, Hayward) and then to market test all four different kinds of names both locally and internationally. Plymouth Civic Society has asked the Council to consider a fifth kind of name which includes such words as Plymouth, History, Centre, Exploratorium, Heritage, Drake, etc, and such words that are currently considered not "on trend" but describe exactly what's on the label.

- Academy of Urbanism Report
The report of the meeting held in August 2015 has now been published. Most of its recommendations were rejected by the Council apart from the possible rebranding of the West End as recently reported in the press.

- Protecting Colin Campbell House
Plymouth Civic Society failed in its efforts to get Colin Campbell House listed by Historic England. This was reported in detail in The Herald in May. The Society will continue its efforts to protect this important building to Plymouth. A Freedom of Information request revealed that an application for listing had been made by a private individual in 2001 but had been refused. This refusal formed the basis of the current rejection given in 2016. The name of the private individual was not revealed.

Next Meeting
The next group meeting of Plymouth Civic Society is on Thursday 10 November 2016 starting at 7pm in Room 405 of the Babbage Building, University of Plymouth campus. The meeting is open to all who are interested in civic matters and there is no attendance fee.

Recent Activities
Over the last twelve months, Plymouth Civic Society has participated in consultations, workshops, meetings and communications in the following projects of interest:
  • Derriford North West Quadrant development - proposal for improved health care facilities adjacent to Derriford hospital
  • Plymouth Tree Workshop - conference and workshop organised by Plymouth City Council regarding the 'urban forest' and the development of a Tree Plan for Plymouth
  • Joint Local Plan consultation on land use in Plymouth and South West Devon
  • Derriford Transport Plan - primarily a new road system centred on Derriford roundabout
  • Fortside development at Crownhill / Derriford - proposal for large retail and housing development to create a 'centre' for Derriford
  • Derry's Building - proposal for mixed use student housing and retail
  • History Centre - participation in the Heritage Consortium Group covering status of design, logistics, naming and funding, etc
  • New Coach Station - relocated from Bretonside to Mayflower West car park
  • New Central Library - relocated from City Museum and Art Gallery to Armada Way / Mayflower Street
  • Workshop by Academy of Urbanism on West End Regeneration
  • Civic Voice Regional Group - proposal for cooperation between Devon groups and Civic Voice
  • Workshop by Civic Voice on War Memorials condition survey
  • Workshop by LDA on City Centre Masterplan
  • Workshop by LDA on Plymouth Waterfront Masterplan
  • Conference by RIBA on Urban Regeneration
About Us
Plymouth Civic Society was established in 2007 as a non-political organisation for the public benefit with the following objectives:
  • To promote public interest in civic design in Plymouth,
  • To stimulate public consciousness and appreciation of the heritage, history and character of Plymouth and its surroundings,
  • To encourage the preservation, development and improvement of features which enhance the attractiveness of the area,
  • To participate in and influence where possible the urban design and functionality of the city, and
  • To pursue these objectives through the normal consultation processes with the City Council, meetings with local political and council leaders, meetings with business leaders and actively engaging in meetings, lectures, study groups, cultural activities, exhibitions, publications and social activities with other civic and environmentally minded groups.
Our areas of interest include Area Action Plans and Local Development Framework; the Plymouth Plan; heritage conservation; environmental issues (such as nuclear submarine dismantling and the Dockyard incinerator); and connectivity and transportation infrastructure issues (such as Plymouth airport, pedestrian/cycle ways, car parking and road signage, public transport, road and rail access). We participate in consultation processes and actively support improvements to the cultural profile of the city.

By joining our society you are able to meet with similarly motivated people; influence and participate in discussions about current issues; raise and elicit support for matters of particular importance to you; and get involved in consultation processes with the benefit and advantages arising from a considered group perspective. Importantly, you potentially get a "seat at the table" in consultations which might not normally be open to you. Many members are also involved in Friends, Conservation and Heritage and local Action groups and see Plymouth Civic Society as an overarching society that brings their group to a wider forum.

Plymouth Civic Society is an active member of Civic Voice.

Contact Us
To contact us or for more information, please email us at We welcome contributions on issues of civic interest.

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